Some students prefer enjoying spring break as much as possible, partying with friends, relaxing on a beach, and more, while others are interested in volunteer work for non-profit organizations instead. It is an excellent way to help make a difference and give back to the community.

Volunteer work is also great as it can increase the chances of getting a job in the future. It can be difficult to find a job after college, as students need to compete with many workers who have much more experience than they have. Luckily, being a participant of the right volunteer opportunity can provide the edge that will be helpful in getting a paying job in a particular field. Volunteering is a sign that a person is willing to stick with something and help others even though they are not benefiting financially from it. And there are plenty of opportunities throughout Falls Church, and some of them will even let you explore some of the history of Falls Church.

Community Clean-Ups

If you want to spend some quality time outdoors in nature and make your city beautiful at the same time, you should consider community clean-up volunteering. You can ask your friends to join you and contribute to improving the appearance of your town, or you can go on your own and make new friends instead. This type of volunteer work brings together volunteers who will work together on cleaning up the city. You don’t need to bring anything except comfortable shoes, as city staff will provide everything you might need. For example, they will provide gloves, trash bags, recycling bags, trash pickers, and reflective vests. Community clean-up events occur in the spring and fall. Volunteers are organized into teams, and each team gets one of the areas throughout the city that they will work on. All you need is to wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty.

Habitat Restoration

It is an excellent opportunity if you want to help with restoring the local ecosystem in Falls Church parks. Some of your duties will be to remove invasive vegetation as well as to replant native species. Thanks to this opportunity, you will play an important role in maintaining city parks and improving their appearance. This volunteer work is organized on various dates throughout the year. All you need is to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Tree Planting

Another way of improving the Falls Church environment, besides taking care of the already existing plants and trees, is to plant new ones. Planting new trees will improve the appearance of your town as well as make it healthier as trees clean the air. It is an excellent way to fight pollution and global warming. Although planting a few trees here and there doesn’t seem significant, it is more important and beneficial than you might think, especially if you convince friends to join you. If you can, bring a shovel. If you can’t, bring only comfortable shoes.

Older Adult Assistance

Besides taking care of the environment, you can make a difference to older adults who need your help. Keep in mind that they don’t have as much energy as you do and that sometimes they need assistance with various things. For example, one of the things that you would do if you choose this volunteer opportunity is to provide medical transportation to older adults. There is plenty of local information on Falls Church if you know where to look. Make sure you are active in your local community

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