If you are a parent and are thinking about moving to a different town, it is important to consider the quality of schools in it. Every parent wants for their children to go to the best school possible and get the proper education. The quality of education has a significant impact on the educational development of a child, and his or her career later, in the future. It is especially relevant if your kid is young and will start going to elementary school soon. There are also plenty of things to do in Falls Church when everyone is out of school.

The choice of schools is not only important because of the things that your child will learn there, but also because of the skills and qualities that he will gain. It is important for kids to learn how to be curious and persistent from a young age, as it will help them a lot in the future. Also, it is crucial for your child to attend a school where he will gain learning habits and skills.

Falls Church is known for its small and quality schools. Of course, some people want their children to attend large schools. However, many parents prefer small ones, and it is not a surprise. If you pick a small school for your kid, you can rest assured he will be safe there. Everybody will know you, and you will know everybody. Also, everyone will look after your kid if you are not around at the moment. Another great thing about this town is that there are about 11 students per teacher, which is ideal and excellent for individual learning.

In some cases, it can be a bit difficult to compare schools with one another because of different educational methods used and different teaching strategies. Also, many factors need to be compared, such as the success of children on exams, and the quality of teaching skills of people working in a particular school. Luckily, there is a way to compare them adequately.

The Best School Districts ranking includes the analysis of key statistics, as well as on the reviews both from parents and students. It uses data collected by the U.S. Department of Education. Some of the ranking factors of this analysis include college readiness, state test scores, graduation rates, teacher quality, SAT/ACT scores, public school district ratings, and more.

One of the best elementary schools in Falls Church is Haycock Elementary School. It is located near the Haycock Longfellow Park. 900 students attend it, and there are 32 students per teacher. Math, reading, and science test scores in this school are above the Falls Church public schools average.

If your child attends middle school, the best one is Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, based on test scores and other factors. 540 students attend it in total, and there are 14 students per teacher. Reading, Science, Algebra I and Geometry test scores are above the Falls Church average, whereas Math, Writing, and World History I scores are equal to average.

When it comes to high schools, George Mason high school has 760 students, and there are 14 students per teacher. Algebra I, Algebra II, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geometry, and World History II test scores are above the Virginia state average. There are even more reasons to live in Falls Church than just their school districts, be sure to review them all!

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