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What do your teeth currently say about you?

A beautiful smile make-over can start with just a 45 minute appointment here at NOVA Dental Studio.  Our in-office whitening techniques will brighten your smile and give you the increased confidence that you deserve.  After the in-office whitening procedure, take-home bleaching trays are given to allow patients to maintain their bright smiles for years to come.

No time for the in-office whitening treatment? No problem!  In just a few minutes, we can take the necessary impressions to make your bleaching trays.  You can now whiten your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own home and still end up with a show-stopping smile.

Reasons For Whitening Your Teeth

There are many excellent and valid reasons to pursue teeth whitening in Falls Church with NOVA Dental Studio. We take pride in effectively treating our patients who’ve experienced tooth surface discolorations due to:

  • The natural process of aging may discolor teeth over time
  • Consuming pigmented foods, soft drinks, coffees, teas or dark colored wines
  • General plague or tartar buildup over time creating undesirable coloration
  • Ingesting an excessive amount of flouride during tooth formation, leaving a clouded look
  • Potential trauma to the teeth, resulting in darker shades of color

Achieve The Results You Desire

Whitening is a great way to restore self-esteem, personal confidence and pride in your smile. It may also help present a more youthful appearance and add extra polish during major life-changing events including weddings and job interviews. Creating a first impression is important, and we are happy to ensure your love for your teeth and work toward strengthening the impression they create.

Virginia Teeth Whitening Specialist

Although tooth enamel is mostly white, there are many different shades of white and, as time passes, even those with the whitest natural teeth may notice an overall discoloration or stains on their teeth. Staining results from the consumption of certain foods and beverages. In addition, lifestyle choices, such as smoking tobacco, can stain the teeth. Overall discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which are controllable, however, there are issues that an individual has no control over (e.g., a medical condition or medications, etc.). Despite the reason for tooth discoloration or staining, a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Paesani at the NOVA Dental Studio in Falls Church, Virginia, is likely to help.

What is a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Virginia?

Individuals who are unhappy with their smile frequently feel self-conscious, which can lead to low self-esteem. If the main reason for his or her dissatisfaction is stains or discolored-looking teeth, a dental whitening treatment with Dr. Paesani can address this problem.

During a Teeth Whitening Treatment at the NOVA Dental Studio in Virginia, Dr. Michael Paesani uses state-of-the-art products and techniques to whiten his patients’ teeth.

Teeth Whitening procedures typically take about 45 minutes. Once the procedure is complete, Dr. Paesani provides the patient with custom-designed take-home bleaching trays so that he or she can maintain the beautiful bright smile created with a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Virginia. With routine treatments, the results attained can last for years.

A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment performed at the NOVA Dental Studio in Falls Church, Virginia, provides much faster whitening results than can be achieved with over-the-counter (OTC) whitening kits. Furthermore, when an individual has a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment, light, heat or both may be used to intensify and speed up the whitening process.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are two kinds of discoloration:

Intrinsic discoloration

– this discoloration happens inside the teeth and typically results from aging, infection, tooth trauma, childhood illness or medication. When discoloration is intrinsic, OTC Teeth Whitening products are unable to brighten the teeth; therefore, to improve the color of an individual’s teeth, a professional treatment is necessary.

Extrinsic discoloration

– this discoloration and staining occurs on the outer surface of the teeth. Eating highly pigmented foods, such as blueberries or raspberries, and drinking beverages like tea, red wine and coffee can stain the teeth. In addition, smoking or chewing tobacco discolors the teeth, causing them to appear brown. For the most part, extrinsic discoloration is relatively easy to treat.

Tooth discoloration causes include


Excessive fluoride consumption

– ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride while the teeth are forming causes the teeth to appear cloudy.

As part of the natural aging process

– as the tooth enamel wears away, the dentin becomes visible. Dentin is the component of the tooth directly beneath the enamel. When the dentin becomes visible, the teeth will appear more yellow because dentin is not as white as the enamel.

Eating foods high in citric acid (e.g., lemons, oranges, etc.)

– these foods can cause tooth enamel erosion, which can lead to cavities and dentin exposure.

A buildup of plaque and tartar

– this buildup can be avoided by implementing a daily dental hygiene routine and having biannual cleanings.

Highly pigmented foods

– eating blueberries and raspberries.

Dark-Colored beverages

– drinking beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks and dark-colored wines. These beverages stain the teeth because their chromogens, which are intense color pigments, attach to the enamel of the teeth.

Tooth trauma

– when a tooth experiences trauma, it tends to darken. If an individual sustains a tooth injury (e.g., hit by a ball, a fall, etc.) or some other kind of mouth injury, the color of the tooth may change. This color change occurs due to a lack of adequate blood flow to the tooth. As time passes, the tooth may heal itself and the discoloration might diminish, or the tooth may die. If the tooth dies, it remains discolored.

Whenever a tooth becomes injured, seeking assistance from an experienced dentist is recommended. To contact the NOVA Dental Studio in Falls Church, Virginia, following an injury, please call – (703) 237-7725.

Tobacco use

– both smoking and chewing tobacco cause discoloration. The nicotine and tar in tobacco are the two chemicals that cause stains on the teeth. Although nicotine is initially colorless, once it is mixed with oxygen, it turns yellow and tar is naturally dark: These are the characteristics that cause the stains and discoloration on the teeth.

Poor dental hygiene

– not brushing or flossing can lead to cavities and tooth discoloration.

Medical conditions

– some conditions can cause staining, spotting or thinning of the tooth enamel (e.g., Sjogren’s syndrome, celiac disease, etc.).

Certain treatments and medications

– neck radiation and chemotherapy can cause darkening of the teeth. In addition, antihistamines, medications for hypertension and antipsychotics can cause darkening of the teeth. When children are exposed to certain antibiotics (e.g., doxycycline and tetracycline, etc.) as their teeth are forming, including while still in the womb, the permanent teeth may become discolored.

Some mouth rinses

– mouth rinses that contain cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine can cause discoloration.


– some people inherit enamel that is whiter or thicker, which provides them with a brighter smile.

The longer the teeth are exposed to stain-producing compounds, the more likely the resulting stains will become permanent. To prevent this from happening, dedication to practicing good oral hygiene and committing to biannual cleanings is essential. Furthermore, if discoloration or staining becomes evident, consider having a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at the NOVA Dental Studio in Virginia.

Teeth Whitening Options

Dr. Michael J. Paesani realizes that there are OTC at-home whitening products his patients may want to try, however, for the sake of the health of their teeth, it is recommended that these desires are discussed with Dr. Paesani before beginning any type of dental whitening regimen or using an over-the-counter whitening product.

When it comes to at-home and Professional Teeth Whitening products, there are a variety of options available. These products range in strength from gentle whiteners that remove surface stains to strong whiteners designed to address deeper stains.

Teeth Whitening products can be categorized as follows:


A whitening toothpaste removes stains that have accumulated on the surface of the teeth. Since toothpastes are the gentlest whitening treatment available, this Teeth Whitening option is typically preferred by individuals with sensitive teeth.

Instead of chemicals, these toothpastes use a polishing action, which is why whitening toothpastes rarely have adverse side effects. That said, due to how gentle these products are, their whitening effects are limited. In addition, these toothpastes must be used repeatedly over several weeks or months to see results.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits in Virginia

These whitening kits can be purchased OTC or a professional at-home kit can be purchased at the NOVA Dental Studio.

OTC whitening product delivery methods include:

  • Whitening strips.
  • Rinses.
  • One-size-fits-all trays with gel. Many times, the individual has to try to customize these trays himself or herself.
  • Brushes.

Professional delivery methods include:

  • Customized trays with gel.
  • A whitening product is applied to the teeth and a light or laser is used to activate the whitening chemicals.

Just like a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment, OTC products typically contain peroxide, which can work below the surface of the teeth to lighten the enamel. However, the amount of peroxide in over-the-counter whitening products is much less than the amount used in the professional, in-office treatments and the professional at-home whitening kits available from Top-Rated Virginia Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Paesani. Whereas, a professional treatment provides results immediately, OTC products need to be used regularly or over a period of several days or weeks.

An In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at the NOVA Dental Studio

The first thing that a patient needs is a custom-designed tray. Therefore, before starting the in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Paesani takes an impression of the patient’s teeth. This impression is used to create a custom-designed whitening tray.

A Dental Cleaning

Directly before a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at the NOVA Dental Studio in Virginia, patients may receive a professional teeth cleaning.

During a professional whitening treatment at the NOVA Dental Studio, since the chemicals in the professional whitening gel are much stronger than those used in OTC whitening products, Dr. Michael J. Paesani may cover the patient’s lips and gum tissue with a protective gel or a very thin sheet of rubber. By covering the gum tissue, he is protecting it from the chemicals used to whiten the teeth.

Depending on the type of whitening product Dr. Paesani chooses for the patient, a light or laser may be used in conjunction with the whitening gel.

A Laser Whitening Procedure

During an in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Paesani may use a laser in conjunction with a professional-strength whitening gel.

Teeth Whitening Procedure steps:

1. Dr. Michael J. Paesani may cover the patient’s gum tissue with thin rubber or a protective gel.

2. Gauze and Retractors may be applied to keep the patient’s teeth dry as well as to help protect the tongue, lips, cheeks and gum tissue.

3. The patient’s teeth are coated with a peroxide-based whitening gel.

4. Using a laser, Dr. Paesani activates the bleaching agent.

5. Once the Teeth Whitening Treatment is complete, the patient rinses his or her mouth.

6. To reduce any sensitivity following a professional whitening treatment, the patient may rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.

Results are visible immediately.

Patients may choose to use professional whitening kits at home to keep their teeth looking bright in between their laser whitening treatments. The at-home professional treatments will be performed with the custom-designed trays.

The NOVA Dental Studio in Virginia Also Offers Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Individuals who prefer at-home whitening or those who just do not have the time for an in-office dental whitening treatment can visit the NOVA Dental Studio at 200 Little Falls Street, Number 101, in Falls Church, Virginia, to attain a take-home Professional Whitening Treatment System.

Benefits of whitening treatments with Dr. Paesani at the NOVA Dental Studio in Virginia:

Reliable results

– OTC kits can be unreliable, however, when Dr. Michael J. Paesani performs Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments, patients can be confident that they will see results. Furthermore, Dr. Paesani uses products that he knows are safe and effective.

Uniform results

– one of the best things about choosing professional whitening instead of using over-the-counter whitening kits, is that these treatments are performed by an experienced dental professional. At the NOVA Dental Studio in Falls Church, Virginia, patients can expect amazing Teeth Whitening results.

Faster results

– whereas, professional teeth whitening has the ability to change an individual’s entire smile within 45 minutes to an hour, the results achieved with OTC whitening products can take weeks to become evident. Furthermore, when an individual uses over-the-counter products, after waiting weeks for results, the changes could end up being mediocre. Nonetheless, individuals who choose to have a professional whitening treatment with Dr. Michael Paesani can count on being satisfied with their final results.

The Difference Between the Professional Take-Home Treatments and Over-the-Counter Options

Whether using an OTC Teeth Whitening product or using a Professional Whitening System from the NOVA Dental Studio, the product used typically contains peroxide-based bleaching agents. Over-the-counter whitening kits have anywhere from 3 to 20 percent carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, whereas, professional whitening products contain from 15 to 43 percent.

With a professional take-home treatment from the NOVA Dental Studio, patients receive custom-designed bleaching trays.

To make these trays, the patient comes into the office and impressions of his or her teeth are taken. These impressions are extremely detailed, which allows for the creation of a dental tray that fits the patient’s mouth perfectly, making them comfortable to wear.

Patients who choose to whiten their teeth with a professional at-home whitening treatment receive a whitening product that will not harm the gum tissue.

A Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment: The Procedure

During a professional at-home treatment, the patient squeezes the gel into the custom-designed tray. These trays may be worn for a short time during the day or overnight. If the gel remains on the teeth too long, the teeth and gum tissue may become irritated. Therefore, it is essential that patients follow the instructions they receive from Dr. Paesani.

Over-the-Counter Whitening Products Are Inferior to the Professional Options

Even though many OTC dental whitening options offer a way for an individual to create a customized tray, this tray is inferior to that which is created by a Dental Lab. In addition, since the professionally created trays fit the mouth so well, professional at-home whitening treatment systems offer patients superior results.

Teeth Whitening Results

Many individuals find that when they use over-the-counter whitening products some stains may lighten, but others remain, the same is true when it comes to teeth with an overall discoloration.

With professional treatments, patients can expect their teeth to lighten from three to eight shades. At the NOVA Dental Studio, Dr. Michael J. Paesani performs the first Teeth Whitening treatment and then provides the patient with everything he or she needs to perform professional whitening treatments at home.

The number of treatments a patient needs to attain the desired results depends on the initial aesthetic characteristics of his or her teeth.

The results attained during the initial in-office Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure can last up to a year: Result longevity depends on the patient’s lifestyle, eating and dental hygiene habits.

Caring for Newly Whitened Teeth: Brushing and Flossing

The shape and size of the toothbrush an individual uses should allow easy access to all areas of the mouth. It must also fit inside the mouth comfortably.

Individuals should brush their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day. Preferably upon rising and before going to bed.

Each tooth brushing session should last for two minutes.

1. Place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the bristles. The toothpaste being used needs to have fluoride and the American Dental Association’s (ADA’s) Seal of Acceptance.

2. Angle the toothbrush towards the gum line. This angle should be at 45 degrees. Now gently brush the front of the teeth in a circular motion.

3. Brush the back of the teeth using a gentle circular motion.

4. Using a gentle back and forth motion, brush the surfaces of the teeth.

5. Spit the toothpaste out.

6. Avoid rinsing right away, this allows the fluoride to remain on the teeth longer.

Following a Meal, Wait at Least 30 Minutes to Brush

While eating and drinking, the tooth enamel softens, therefore, to avoid damaging the tooth enamel, patients should wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking to brush their teeth.

Recommendations for Toothbrush Replacement

Toothbrushes need to be replaced when the bristles become frayed or every three to four months because when a toothbrush becomes worn, it cannot thoroughly clean the teeth.


Individuals should floss at least once a day with an ADA-approved floss.

Foods and Beverages That May Affect Teeth Whitening Results

Regularly consuming foods that tend to stain the teeth may negatively affect the whitening results. Therefore, these foods and beverages should be consumed in moderation or avoided altogether.

Foods and beverages that tend to stain the teeth:

  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • Red wine.
  • Tomato juice.
  • Acidic beverages (e.g., alcohol and soft drinks, etc.).
  • Items that contain artificial coloring.
  • Foods that contain a large amount of sugar.

Following consumption of these foods and beverages, to reduce the likelihood of staining, patients should rinse their mouths.

Keep in mind that any food with the ability to permanently stain a white shirt, can stain the teeth.

At the NOVA Dental Studio in Falls Church, Virginia, Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Paesani performs Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments and offers Professional At-Home Whitening Treatment Systems. If you have discolored teeth or stains that you would like to address, contact the NOVA Dental Studio at 703-237-7725 to schedule an appointment at the office, which is located at 200 Little Falls Street, No. 101, Falls Church, Virginia. Patients who would rather contact the office online can just click here.


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