Falls Church, although it is just a small city in Virginia with a population of less than 15,000 residents, has amazing restaurants that can satisfy everyone’s taste. If you are looking for a new romantic date spot, family dinner eateries or some fine dining to enjoy all your five senses, you have come to the right place. The following restaurants are recommended by the leading local businesses in the town, starting from top dentists and plumbers, to IT professionals, landscaping specialists and much more for when you while in Falls Church.

Sfizi Café

If you love to eat Italian food, you must visit this place as soon as possible. The word “sfizi” means special treat in Italian and it perfectly represents the fresh and authentic taste of this little eatery. The staff of the Sfizi Café is very polite, and they will make sure you have an amazing customer experience every time you visit them. This is a family-owned business, and it is perfect for having a wonderful family dinner at weekends or holidays. Apart from being a great restaurant, it also offers a market where you can buy some of the top quality Italian foods such as cheeses and meats. If you are in rush, you could also buy prepared foods. To have the most amazing home dinner, pair the best lasagna with some of their wine this can be bought at their wine store. This local wine store offers only the best Italian bottles. Visiting the Sfizi Café will always give you multiple choices – you can either come by and grab a tasty bowl of spaghetti and meatballs or just stop by to get top quality imported cheese and wine and throw and exotic picnic at the local park.

TRIO Grill

If enjoy eating modern American food such as donuts, pancakes, amazing hamburgers and fries, this location is perfect for you. The cooks of this eatery specialize in steaks and seafood, and the place is ideal if want to have a comfortable but fancy dinner. If you enjoy smoking, you should also try high-quality cigars from their cigar bar. Falls Church is a town with very health conscious residents, and TRIO grill is actually the only cigar bar you can find there.

If you think this restaurant has a traditional menu that only has meals such as boneless ribeye and lobster and pearls, you are wrong. Besides this classic American food, you can also order fine cuisine dishes such as five-spice roasted duck, lemongrass shrimp fritters, and tuna tartare nachos. If this is too much for you, we recommend you starting your dinner with a classic Mediterranean mezze plate. If you are looking for a romantic date spot, visit this restaurant on Fridays or during weekends when they feature live music. To have an amazing experience, you need nothing more than a great meal, a live performance, and some good company.


If you want to go to a classy dinner, you must visit 2941. This is the town’s premier fine dining location with the most amazing, top quality meals and drinks. The chef of the restaurant, Bertrand Chemel, will create for you the not only tasteful and fresh but also delightful, thoughtful dishes that will astonish you every time you try them. This restaurant started as a traditional fine dining eatery, but they have evolved and up scaled to a high-end, classy restaurant that offers excellent cuisine in a beautiful and relaxed ambient. This place is perfect to visit after a week full of work and stress. Take your special someone or your loved ones to this eatery to have a relaxing drink at the bar and snacks such as truffle popcorns, or reserve a table and enjoy a full-course meal.

There is a wide variety of options for everyone, whether you all just got out of work and are looking for a quick meal, or if after a long day of volunteering in Falls Church you are looking for a great place to relax, we have it all.

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