If you are thinking about moving to a different town, but are not sure yet about where you want to live, you should consider Falls Church. Many people decide to move to a different location after many years because they want to change the environment. They get bored with living in the same town for many years and decide to move in search of excitement. Some individuals also make this important decision when in search of employment, especially if they haven’t been able to find a job for several years. These reasons are quite reasonable. Some people also think that their current town is not ideal for raising children, so they decide to relocate to a different, smaller and calmer town with better school opportunities and lower crime rate.


One of the reasons why you should consider moving to Falls Church is the location. It is a small and calm town, and one of its characteristics is the proximity to Washington D.C. It is just nine miles away from Falls Church. Another great thing about it is that everything is close, due to the size of this town. You will have easy access to everything, including shops, schools, and some of the best restaurants in Falls Church.

Small Town Feel

Some people love living in large, overcrowded towns, while others don’t like it at all and want to live in a small city. If you fall into the second group, you will be delighted by Falls Church. Its population is just over 13,000, and it will give you a homey feel with easy access to Washington D.C. and big city thrills. It is also an ideal location for people who want to find a job in Washington D.C. but hate the idea of living in this overcrowded and large city.


Falls Church has twelve city parks that you can enjoy either just yourself or with your children. They are excellent if you want to relax and spend some quality time outside. You can also head out on a bike ride or hike the trails. If you love picnics, you will have an excellent time here.


Falls Church has great small schools. Although small is not good for everyone, it is excellent for many people. It is an ideal place to live if you want your kid to go to a small school where everybody knows everybody, and where everyone will watch over everyone’s kids. Not only schools in this town are quite safe and supporting, but also, they provide a great education. According to research, public schools in this city spend over $17,000 per student, whereas the average school expenditure in the United States is just over $12,000. Also, there are about 11.4 students per teacher in Falls Church.


It can be a bit difficult to find a job so that you can provide for your family. However, if you move to Falls Church, you will have better chances of getting employed as the unemployment rate is 2.7%. The average for the United States is 5.2%. Additionally, recent job growth is positive, which means that the unemployment rate in this town is decreasing. There are plenty of reasons to live here, be sure to explore Falls Church when you come around.

Things You Can Do In Falls Church Virginia